The Association shall :-

1.1 represent relevant authorities licensed Financial Advisers (Firms) who provide advice on and sales of Financial Products (Exempt Financial Advisers Companies are excluded);


1.2 provide forum a for members to develop opinions, recommendations and programs, all of which will contribute to the further development of the financial services industry for the benefit of the public in Singapore;


1.3 endeavor to advance the interests of its members and of the institution of the Financial Advisers (Firm) in the following ways:


(a) take steps as a group towards increasing the efficiency and professionalism of the Financial Advisers' Representatives recruited by members.


(b) co-operate with organizations engaged in developing more effective training relevant to sales and marketing,


(c) support those principles of prudent financial advice and sales which guarantee the public the highest professional service;

i. by taking no unfair advantage of competitors, and by not making or allowing to be made any incomplete, unfair or misleading statement concerning the contracts of standing of any company;


ii. by encouraging member firms to provide objective and fair advice and recommendations;


iii. by supporting the concept of 'Independence' and assisting member firms to achieve the standards of 'Independence' as laid down by the Financial Adviser Act and its Regulations;


iv. by endeavoring to develop knowledge, ability and character commensurate with the responsibilities of Financial Advisers (Firm) management and by refusing to countenance those practices by any Financial Adviser's Representative, which, in the expressed opinion of the majority of the membership, may immediately secure business but ultimately destroy public confidence.

(d) encourage every Financial Adviser's Representative to upgrade his/her profession so as to further enhance professionalism in the industry.


(e) examine any proposed legislation by the relevant authorities affecting the industry and in particular the Financial Advisers (Firms) and to promote and support and assist the implementation of such legislation.


(f) organize conferences or seminars locally or abroad for its members and for the general public, in relation to matters pertaining to financial services.


(g) conduct courses relating to the advice on and sale of financial products.


(h) receive and hear complaints, disputes and claims made in relation to members of the Association; to set up or form such committees or bodies that may be appropriate to whom reference may be made of such complaints, disputes and claims and to facilitate the settling of such complaints, disputes and claims.


(i) do all such lawful things as are incidental or necessary to the achievement of the above objects or any of them.