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Welcome to the Association of Financial Advisers (Singapore) AFA(S)

AFA(S) is Singapore’s professional association representing licensed financial advisory firms in Singapore. Formerly known as the Association of Life Insurance Brokers, and renamed as the Association of Financial Advisers (Singapore) when the Financial Advisers Act was passed in 2002, AFA(S) represents the interest of its member firms. It is recognised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and the media as a representative voice of Licensed Financial Advisory firms.

We are committed to helping our members grow by providing valuable opportunities for learning and sharing. Annual conferences and workshops are organised and members can participate in these well attended events. In addition, feedback sessions and networking events are held as a platform for members to identify new working opportunities.

AFA(S) regularly organises a wide range of training events for continuous professional development programs for our members. AFA(S) aims to represent members’ interests to regulators and various consumer bodies.

Vision values

  • Care and concern for clients’ interest
  • Professional, competent, progressive
  • Championing independence, entrepreneurship and advisory
  • Fraternity, collaboration
  • Making FA model the choice of informed clients


  • To represent the interest of licensed financial adviser in Singapore
  • To communicate the distinctiveness and clear advantages of FA channel and make it the choice of informed clients
  • To contribute leadership to and facilitate the growth and professionalism of the financial advisory firms and representatives in Singapore

Type of Membership

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary Membership of the Association shall only be open to relevant authorities licensed Financial Advisers (Firms) who have fulfilled the requirements as laid down by relevant authorities or any other authority whereby the members of the Association are under its jurisdiction and who must fulfill the requirements of the Association's Constitution and bylaws. Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Association.

Associate Membership

Associate Membership in the Association shall comprise other professional firms who provide related services to our Ordinary Members e.g. legal, accounting, tax planning, investment advisers and any other category which may be defined by the Association that qualify under this category of membership from time to time. An Associate member of this Association shall pay annual membership dues as set forth in Article 4.2 of the Constitution and shall be entitled to all privileges of the Association except the right to vote and to hold office in the Association.

Stay Relevant

We keep you updated with the developments of the industry and improve the environment within which IFAs run their businesses.


We provide a forum for members to develop opinions, recommendations and programs, all of which will contribute to the further development of the financial services industry for the benefit of the public in Singapore


We provide affiliated services such as representative and introducer's agreements to AFA(S) members at a fraction of the cost.

How We Work

We represent relevant authorities licensed Financial Advisers (Firms) who provide advice on and sales of Financial Products (Exempt Financial Advisers Companies are excluded); Apart from communicating your views, we also endeavour to advance the interests of our members and of the institution of Financial Advisers (Firm) in many different ways.

Upcoming Events

No Events scheduled at this time.

Executive Members

The AFA(S) Executive Committee oversees all matters related to AFA(S). It includes elected and co-opted representatives, with a maximum of 12 members.

Executive Committee 2017-2019

David Choo


Managing Director, Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd

Raymond Ng

Vice President

Managing Director, Ray Alliance Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

Jeyaraman Parasuraman

Honorary Secretary

CEO, JPARA Solutions Pte Ltd

Salim M Amin

Assistant Honorary Secretary

CEO, Avallis Financial Pte Ltd

Ben Fok

Honorary Treasurer

CEO, Grandtag Financial Consultancy Pte Ltd

Carol Seah

Committee Member

Managing Director, Wynnes Financial Advisers Pte

Charles Tiong

Committee Member

CEO, Financial Dynamics Pte Ltd

Vincent Ee

Immediate Past President

Managing Director, Financial Alliance Pte Ltd

Mohd Amin

Educational Chairman

CEO, MAA Financial Planners Pte Ltd

Augustine Lee

Committee Member

CEO, Frontier Wealth Management Pte Ltd

Alfred Chia

Committee Member

CEO, SingCapital Pte Ltd

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20 Maxwell Road, Maxwell House, #05-06, Singapore 069113
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