Types of Membership


Ordinary Membership of the Association shall only be open to relevant authorities licensed Financial Advisers (Firms) who have fulfilled the requirements as laid down by relevant authorities or any other authority whereby the members of the Association are under its jurisdiction and who must fulfill the requirements of the Association’s Constitution and bylaws. Ordinary Members shall have the right to vote and to hold office in the Association.


Associate Membership in the Association shall comprise other professional firms who provide related services to our Ordinary Members e.g. legal, accounting, tax planning, investment advisers and any other category which may be defined by the Association that qualify under this category of membership from time to time. An Associate member of this Association shall pay annual membership dues as set forth in Article 4.2 of the Constitution and shall be entitled to all privileges of the Association except the right to vote and to hold office in the Association.

Firm Members


  • Alpha Wealth Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Avallis Financial Pte Ltd
  • Avrio Wealth Pte Ltd
  • Chartwell Associates Pte Ltd
  • Cornerstone Planners Pte Ltd
  • Eternal Financial Advisory Pte Ltd
  • Financial Alliance Pte Ltd
  • Finexis Advisory Pte Ltd
  • Frontier Wealth Management Pte Ltd
  • Gen Financial Advisory Pte Ltd
  • GenRiver Financial Pte Ltd
  • Grandtag Financial Consultancy (S) Pte Ltd
  • Great Eastern Financial Advisers Private Limited
  • Infinity Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Infinitum Financial Advisory Pte Ltd
  • IPG Financial Services Pte Ltd
  • IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Legacy FA Pte Ltd
  • Life Planning Associates Pte Ltd
  • Linden Group Associates Pte Ltd
  • Manulife Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Metropolitan Broking Services (Pte) Ltd
  • Professional Investment Advisory Service Pte Ltd
  • Promiseland Independent Pte Ltd
  • RAY Alliance Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • SG Alliance Pte Ltd
  • SingCapital Pte Ltd
  • Singlife Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Sony Life Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • St James’s Place (Singapore) Private Limited
  • Synergy Financial Advisers Pte Ltd
  • Unicorn Financial Solutions Pte Limited
  • WYNNES Financial Advisers Pte Ltd


  • Galaxy Insurance Consultants Pte Ltd
  • Mitsui Bussan Pana Harrison Pte Ltd
  • Phillip Wealth Advisory